The story behind Language Link

While teaching in different countries, Miriam and Oscar met students from all corners of the globe. These students worked hard, had fun and made tremendous progress in the languages they were learning. However, when the time came for the students to return home, they shared one concern:

“How can I continue studying? I don’t want to forget what I have learnt!”

Miriam and Oscar didn’t want this either and so they created Language Link, an online platform for learning languages and building links between teachers and students, no matter where they are. Now our students can continue their studies or take a new course, without even leaving their home or having to stop their travels.

You can do the same!

Language Link gives every student the opportunity to learn online with experienced teachers.

The best part? The lessons are specially designed for you!

Language Link students around the world are using online classes for all kinds of purposes. Whatever your motivation for learning, there is a course at Language Link to help you reach your goals.

All you need to get started is a computer with internet connection and motivation to learn.

Get started!