Nurlybek, 33, Kazakhstan (Advanced)

Which classes did you take with Language Link?

General English with focus on grammar and speaking.

What did you learn from the classes?

A had a big problem with grammar. But my teacher from Language Link and I worked hard as one team and now I like grammar very much. The classes were always well organised. I really liked the teaching methods and the materials that I was given. Thanks to my teacher, I feel very confident about my English now. The time that we spent was both enjoyable and productive. The lessons were very easy to understand and I improved my speaking, listening and writing a lot.

What did you enjoy most about the classes and the teaching?

The way of teaching was totally different from what I had experienced before, it was something new and unusual for me. We spoke about different and interesting topics, things that I wanted to know and that I was interested in. That helped me to improve my vocabulary and communication skills. The teacher always supported me when I made mistakes and explained to me with different and funny examples. I enjoyed my lessons a lot and always looked forward to the next one.

How have you benefited from learning English?

Working in the oil and gas industry with foreign companies, I had faced some problems due to my level of English. That was the reason why I decided to take lessons with Language Link. Now I am able to work in English without problems and can develop further in my career. English also helps me for study and travel. I totally recommend taking lessons with the teachers from Language Link!