Mizuho, 23, Japan (Upper-Intermediate)

Which classes did you take with Language Link?

General English

What did you learn from the classes?

Basically, I followed a textbook (reading articles, answering questions, learning new vocabulary and grammar). The teacher from Language Link gave me the opportunity to speak my mind freely. When I started the lessons, my weakest point was speaking but the teacher corrected my sentences clearly and respectfully until it got a lot better. Thanks to this, I feel confident when I speak now. The teacher cheered me up all the time and boosted my confidence, he made me feel motivated and want to continue studying.

What did you enjoy the most about the classes and the teaching?

The thing that I enjoy most was the cultural exchange. The teacher from Language Link respected our cultural differences, and helped me to understand that the most important thing was to trust each other and work friendly as a team. He gave me plenty of opportunities to practice speaking without simply translating from Japanese, so that I learnt how to think in English. It was a pleasure to practise that way. One of my favourite things was to share life experiences with him. The teacher from Language Link had a lot of experience as a traveller and he was ready to share them when I asked him. His wide horizons and knowledge always impressed me, and taught me how huge and lovely this world is!

How have you benefited from learning English?

Thanks to the first course with Language Link, I advanced to upper-intermediate. I know my skills have improved, especially speaking. I am still studying abroad, but after I go back to my country I will apply for a job in a foreign company where I can practise English. I am confident in my language skills.