Magdalena, 42, Poland (Upper-Intermediate)

Which classes did you take with Language Link?

Conversation, General English and Pronunciation.

What did you learn from the classes?

Taking private lessons helped me to move from B1 to B2. I learnt a lot about how I should pronounce each sound and use the correct stress in words and sentences. Pronunciation used to be the most difficult part of English for me. Now I’m glad that I can pronounce long words and speak fluently. The professional help from my teacher, about how to use my tongue, teeth and lips to pronounce words was interesting, fun and very helpful.

What did you enjoy the most about the classes and the teaching?

I enjoyed everything thanks to my teacher, who was professional and knowledgeable. Every class was different and I enjoyed the variety of examples and activities. I enjoy the chance to have a conversation in English with a native speaker.

How have you benefited from learning English?

I have benefited a lot from taking private English classes. My teacher gives me feedback and corrects my mistakes, so I can improve with every lesson. I feel more comfortable when I travel and socialise in English. I want to thank my teacher for all the support!