Jana, 17, Germany (Upper-Intermediate)

Which classes did you take with Language Link?

General English, Exam Preparation, English for University, Language Coaching.

What did you learn from the classes?

The lessons on General English were excellent to review all the tenses that I had learnt in school. Now I really know when and how to use them. The lessons on General English were also perfect to improve my listening, reading and writing. And my pronunciation got way better too.

The focus of the other lessons was to learn how to analyse texts (articles, books, etc.), audios and videos. The teacher helped me to learn all that step by step, guiding me with patience. I also improved my presentation skills. Now I feel very confident to deliver presentations in English about academic subjects.

What did you enjoy most about the classes and the teaching?

I really enjoyed the way my teachers taught me. The lessons with them weren’t like the classes at my school. They were more like friends and that’s why we had so much fun together. My teachers helped me to get a better understanding of everything in an easy and fun way. They showed me how great the language is and made me keep working on it.

How have you benefited from learning English?

For me it’s very important to speak English very well. I love travelling, exploring different countries and cultures. I’ve friends from all over the world and without that common language we couldn’t communicate.