Elena, 51, Germany (Elementary)

Which classes did you take with Language Link?

Conversation, Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

What did you learn from the classes?

I learnt how to use English in general. I know how to greet people and how to book a hotel room. I can have a short talk with people when I travel. I learnt grammar and practised speaking, listening and writing. I can understand simple texts now.

What did you enjoy most about the classes and the teaching?

My teacher made classes fun and easy to understand. All the material is interesting and useful. I enjoy learning a new language by speaking with people. English isn’t the first language that I learn (I learnt Estonian, Latvian, Italian and German), but the teacher that I have from Language Link is the first to be so good!

How have you benefited from learning English?

I learn English for my work, many of my patients speak only English. But the main benefit for me is that I can communicate more easily with people all over the world.